The Fix

“It feels like Disstraxx have absorbed 40 years of UK punk and US Hardcore, let it ferment and have now unleashed the brew in a spew of crashing drums, driving guitars and slightly distorted vocals. And I bloody love it.”
Tony Whatley – Suspect Device Punkzine

“Disstraxx are people watchers and it is thus that feeds their humorous, yet arguably quite sardonically depressing observations as they are repurposed into a Punk-Rock hoot.”
Matt Speer – Ear Nutrition

“A ranting vocal delivery, reminiscent of early 80’s anarcho-punk, plays out over a suffocating deluge of twisted guitars and pounding drums, like a less arty BIG BLACK or a slice of FLIPPER pisstakery.”
Personal Punk Blog


“Loud, brash, full of dark satire and surrealism. A promising start and one to watch. 8/10”
John Damon – Down For Life Magazine

“If you are looking for attitude filled, yet authentic sounding punk that stirs you up inside Disstraxx is it. Punk you’ll hate to love… if that’s not a challenge I don’t know what is. Problem is, I think they’ve already won.”
Lesley Macdonald – Über Rock

“Offering two tracks which rip through ears with viral disorder and dissonance whilst creating the most virulent tempest, the release is an attention forging introduction to another band ensuring punk rock is as vital and inspiring as it ever was.”
The RingMaster Review